5 Tips for Gut Health while Traveling

Spring Break season is here which is the gateway to summer vacations. There's something magical about a exploring a new place or returning to your favorite spot. The only downside to travel? Our gut can get out of whack and no one wants to go around their vacation feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Try our favorite tips for staying gut happy on your next adventure.

Why Does Travel Make us Bloated and Constipated?

Stress before a big trip. We rush trying to get everything done before we leave. This can lead to poor nutrition choices, poor sleep, or a lack of hydration.

Sitting for longer stretches of time in the airplane or car

Not being able to use the restroom when our body is ready

Eating foods on our trip that are higher in sodium, fat, and sugar

5 Tips for Beating Vacation Bloat and Constipation:

Stay Hydrated. Drink all the water! A great addition is poppi. Filled with prebiotics it'll help keep your gut healthy and happy. You can pack them in you cooler for a road trip, your suitcase, or pick one up at one of our retailers. We are sold nationwide at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Target. Find the location closest to your destination here. It's the perfect thing to help get rid of that travel bloat.

Pack snacks that are high in fiber including fresh fruits and veggies. Pack a bento box full of healthy snacks for the plane and when you arrive use GoPuff to get some fiber filled snacks delivered. We love carrot sticks, apples, roasted chickpeas, nuts, hard boiled eggs, and high fiber tortilla wrap filled with veggies, hummus, and lean protein. Another favorite is air popped popcorn. It's a fun, fiber filled, and crunchy snack. Easy to throw in your carry on or your car.

Move your body as often as you can while traveling and after you arrive. This can be as easy and walking the airport while waiting for your flight, taking a walk or hike to explore the new area, and making sure that on your drive you take plenty of stops to walk and stretch.

Relax, stretch, and unwind. Traveling in an airplane can be challenging because you can't get up and move around and it can often cause a rise in stress and anxiety. Taking a minute here and there throughout your flight to take deep breaths and close your eyes is a great idea. Once you arrive don't forget to take care of yourself by doing some yoga, deep breathes, stretching, and even meditation.

Listen and respect your bodies cues. Traveling can put a kink in our normal schedule and routine. Your body will talk...make sure to listen.

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