Benefits of Prebiotic Soda poppi


The temperature is rising and I am constantly looking for ways to hydrate during the summer months. Sparkling water is definitely my go-to, and I love to keep it interesting by adding mint, berries and cucumber for a fun and hydrating drink. Hydration doesn’t have to be boring and there are plenty of low sugar, non-caffeinated drinks to enjoy as part of your hydration plan! Iced tea, coconut water and carbonated drinks are a few of the beverages you can throw into the mix, and my favorite of these is Poppi, a lightly carbonated beverage that comes in nostalgic flavors, like Classic Cola and Root Beer, and new, fun flavors, too, like Strawberry Lemon and Ginger Lime.

Not only will Poppi aid in hydration, but it provides some AWESOME health benefits as well. All Poppi beverages are made with apple cider vinegar (ACV), an ingredient with a long list of positive attributes. Maybe you have a friend who takes a daily “shot” of ACV, and while this is one way to get the health benefits of ACV, it is definitely not the most enjoyable way. While there is a hint of ACV in the Poppi beverages, it is certainly secondary to the main flavor of the drink which allows it to be so refreshing and enjoyable!

Here are some of the benefits associated with ACV:

·        ACV serves as a prebiotic, feeding the healthy bacteria (probiotics) in your gut. Did you know studies indicate nearly 70% of your immune system starts within your gut? A healthy gut can lead to improved health in many areas of the body!

·        It may be able to improve your skin! ACV aids in the balance of pH in your body, and this may lead to a better complexion with fewer breakouts and a reduction in inflammation.

·        Appetite control. Research indicates ACV may reduce appetite, and, in turn, make it easier to manage weight. Additionally, some studies have shown a metabolism-boosting affect from ACV as well.

·        It may improve heart health by decreasing cholesterol levels. Research has shown improvements in HDL cholesterol (the good kind) and reductions in LDL cholesterol (the bad type) and triglycerides.

When keeping up with fluid during the warm summer months, I encourage active females to aim for at least 80oz of total fluid per day and active men to get at least 110oz per day. While this should be largely made up by water, other beverages, including Poppi, can definitely contribute to your daily hydration goal! Use my code “RIFKINPOPPI” for 10% off your Poppi order on Amazon!


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