Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

The 2022 Earth Day Theme is "Invest in Your Planet" and we love the idea of investing in the place we love. We've put together some fun and earth loving ideas to celebrate that are effective and doable. Grab your friends or family and celebrate our wonderful Earth. All that's left to do is pick one, or a few, and get going.


Enter the circular economy with a friendly swap meet. They key for success and participation? Choose a category that matters to you and your friends or community. Start a book trade group, plan a clothes swapping day, share toys with a family, or even swap plants with your friends.

Host a Movie Night:

This is a super easy way to celebrate our Earth and get your friends and neighbors to get in the eco spirit. Here are some of our favorite choices: WALL-E, March of the Penguins, My Octopus Teacher, and An Inconvenient Truth.

Adopt a Street:

You've seen the signs all over freeways and highways but this can be a lot less official. Just take ownership of your street, your favorite walking trail, or any place you frequent. Just plan ahead with supplies and you can tidy up as you go.

Sow Seeds for Good:

Get a bulk bag of native seeds, package them up, and pass them out. You can be super earth friendly by folding up a newspaper or reusing an old envelope to pass out seeds.

Plant an Herb Garden:

Calling all poppi lovers! Aluminum cans are easily recyclable but they can also be reused. You can plant your own herb garden in your leftover poppi cans. It'll be the best looking herb garden and the envy of all your friends. Poppi cans brighten up any space. Find instructions on how to do that here. If you're looking for another idea they make a beautiful vase for some dried flowers.

Learn How To Grow a Garden:

Pick just a few of your favorite vegetables to get started and learn by taking care of those. As you get the hang of it add more plants each season. Here are the 10 best veggies to grow in a container garden. The perfect way to get started growing your own produce.

Go Car-free for the Day:

Try to walk or bike all day if you're able. If not, try ride sharing to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road. Make a plan to add in walking or biking more often for the health of our planet.

We hope you can incorporate these ideas in you celebration of Earth Day to help keep it beautiful.

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