Functional Halloween Mocktail

As a kid my favorite drink to order at any restaurant was a Shirley Temple. Does that scream 90s kid to anyone else? We wanted to create this beloved mocktail with a Halloween and grown up twist. All the flavors you love but with tons of added health benefits because sugary soda has got to go. We loved making this extra fun by serving it in a glass beaker and adding the grenadine from a syringe for an extra spooky effect.
It’s time to #swapyoursoda to poppi. Better-for-you, & tastes SO good…you’ll think it’s magic! Witch, please!


1 can of cold ginger lime poppi

5-6 ml of grenadine (we love this version with no high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors)

2 premium maraschino cherries

1-2 oz vodka to make a Dirty Shirley

Add ginger lime poppi and cherries to a glass beaker. Put the grenadine in a syringe to simply add it to your drink when you're ready to serve. For easy party prep, add all the cherries to cups and a syringe in each cup prefilled with grenadine. Before guests arrive simply add the poppi for the perfect healthy Halloween drink. Kids and adults will love our haunting twist. See our recipe video here.

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