Healthy Summer Cocktails


My obsession with poppi continues. I can’t say enough about how good it tastes and its amazing health benefits!!

A few reasons I love it so much:

  • boosts immunity
  • helps aid digestion
  • infused with apple cider vinegar
  • prebiotics for gut health
  • supports glowing skin
  • 5g of sugar or less
  • tastes incredible

So if you’re looking to make a healthier, immunity-boosting cocktail this summer, I have some recipes for you to try. I’m not a huge alcohol person… but sometimes I’ll have a cocktail or two on a special occasion, and it better friken taste good. Adding any alcohol of choice with a little sweetener and lemon or lime to any of these drinks tastes delicious.

Any sweetener will work for these drinks! I’ve been using Swoon because it’s made with monk fruit, so it has zero sugar.

The Best, Healthiest Summer Cocktails:

Start with:

  • Lime Ginger poppi

Then add:

  • Jalapeno
  • Fresh squeezed lime juice
  • Tequila (my favorites are: Nosotros or Clase Azul if we’re being fancy)

Start with:

  • Raspberry Rose poppi

Then add:

  • Rose 
  • Lime juice 
  • A little sweetener 
  • Alcohol of choice

If you haven’t tried Poppi yet, you must. Whether you’re making a cocktail, mocktail, or sipping it by itself, it’s the most perfect summer refreshment. And be sure to tag me and let me know when you do!!



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