How Poppi Plans to Take On Big Soda With Their Gut-Friendly Beverages

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For dedicated soda drinkers, there’s nothing quite like grabbing an ice-cold can, popping the top, and taking that first fizzy sip. The 39 grams of sugar in the average can of Coke, however, is something of a buzzkill. 

Enter Poppi: a better-for-you beverage brand whose founder is on a mission to transform the soda industry (and convert its most loyal customers) with craveable flavors, gut-healthy ingredients, and just five grams of sugar or less per brightly colored can. 

Our Founder, Allison Ellsworth, is on a mission to help people feel better the way she did when she started incorporating apple cider vinegar (ACV) into her diet. It started at the Dallas Farmers Market and found its way to making a deal on Shark Tank. Now you can find poppi nationwide.

Making Prebiotic Soda Taste Good

Poppi may have started out as a solution to a personal problem, but Ellsworth’s mission has since expanded. “We’re going after big soda,” she states. “We want to capture those soda drinkers [who] know the 39 grams of sugar, or the aspartame in the diet [sodas], isn’t good for you.”

To do that, Ellsworth knows she has to get the flavors just right — which is why she still formulates them herself. “I spend hours on each flavor,” she says. “We don’t use a lab or outsource it.” Her goal is to nail the familiar flavors brand-loyal soda drinkers love — like cola and root beer, along with fruity blends like Raspberry Rose and Watermelon — using ingredients she trusts. 

5 Tips for Gut Health from Founder, Allison Ellsworth

Sip a Prebiotic Soda - a daily must have

Pop a Probiotic - Prebiotics + Probiotics = a healthy. happy gut

Get Rid of Gluten - What your put in your body makes a huge difference

Move Your Own Way - Find a way you love to move and do it often

Find Your Balance - No need to be extreme as you work towards better gut health. We think poppi + pizza make a perfect pairing.

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