How to boost your immune system


Today I’m sharing some of my favorite things to take when I’m trying to keep my immunity high (so so important right now) along with a few activities you can work into your days and lifestyle changes you can make to feel your best and stay healthy.


Drink Poppi

My obsession. It’s a prebiotic soda (prebiotics are so good for gut health) infused with Apple Cider Vinegar. It boosts immunity, helps with digestion, and naturally detoxifies among other amazing health benefits. Plus it tastes amazing. Could not recommend more.

Seed Probiotics

Every infection or virus starts from the gut, so it’s so important to keep up with gut health and this is by far my fav probiotic.

Mary Ruth’s Products

I absolutely love this brand! Some of my favorite products are their:

And I actually have a code you can use to try! ALYSSA15 for 15% off your entire first order.  


Actually tastes good. Get all your greens in. 


Combatting stress can help with our immune system. Love these brands :


Keeps my digestion working well which is important for immunity too (gut health!).


Kills germs, helps with inflammation, and boosts immunity.


Working out. Getting your heart rate up. Breaking a sweat.

Being in nature.

Cold showers or ice baths

Lifestyle Changes:

SLEEP - try to get off your phone at least an hour before bed, and mediate when you wake up instead of scrolling.

HYDRATE - drink your water! add electrolytes too so that your body is getting the hydration it needs. 

HEALTHY FOODS - stop the diet. Just eat foods that nourish your body. Try to implement more whole foods, less processed foods, more greens, and foods that are good for the gut: fermented foods, raw food in the morning and cooked food at night (easier for your body to digest and keep grounded). 

TREAT YOUR BODY WITH LOVE - tell yourself you look good, feel good, and start believing it.

Hope you all are safe & healthy. xx


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