How To Make Poppin' Earth-Friendly Flower Arrangements

In honor of Earth Day we want to celebrate our earth by reusing things to create a beautiful display to add to our home or workspace. We all love getting flowers for our birthdays, holidays, self-care, or any occasion and using them to brighten up our space. However, they don’t last forever and it’s always sad to throw them out. Here’s a fun way to reuse your poppi cans and preserve those beautiful flowers and the memories associated with them. This is the perfect addition to your desk, nightstand, end table, kitchen counter, and anywhere really.  They’d make a perfect gift for a friend or loved one too so save your flowers from that special occasion and make a poppi flower arrangement.


Step 1:

Take that bundle of flowers you have in your home and dry them out. Our favorite way is to air dry them. You’ll want to remove extra leaves and then tie them in small bundles. Then hang them upside down on a hanger, stick, or closet rod away from sunlight and let them dry for 2-4 weeks. Want to dry them out faster? Check out these tips for alternative ways to dry your flowers.


Step 2:

Cut off the top of your favorite poppi can. Any choice you make will result in a bright and cheery display. Simply take your can opener and cut the top right off!


Step 3:

Take your dried flowers and arrange them anyway you’d like. Just remember to be careful as the dried flowers are more brittle and lack flexibility. You can moderately spray the flowers with hairspray to keep the petals intact. Pro tip: When arranging your flowers start with the largest ones first and add the smaller ones to compliment them and add more variety. Let your creativity shine. There’s no wrong way to display the beauty of flowers.


Step 4: Enjoy your lovely creation or gift to someone. We’d love to see what you come up with. Tag us on Instagram so we can see your bouquets or any other creative way you reuse your poppi cans.


These beautiful arrangements were gifted to us by Brooke, from The Floral Eclectic, and we love using them to add joy to poppi HQ.  Check her out to see all of her gorgeous floral arrangements.











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