How to Quit Drinking Soda

If you're reading this post you've probably already figured out that soda isn't good for you and you're looking for a better alternative. You're looking for help and advice on how to start the hard task of quitting soda. We are here to help you on your journey to better health.

Why Should You Stop Drinking Soda?

Just in case you aren't quite convinced let's take a look at some reasons why you should consider giving up sugary soda.

"Soda is like a sugar injection for your body because it is, in fact, liquid sugar," says Meryl Pritchard, holistic nutritionist and founder of Kore Kitchen. She continues to explain that soda is filled with empty calories and devoid of any kind of real nutrition. It's also highly addictive, as just one can contains around 40 grams of sugar—an intense dosage that exceeds the recommended amount of sugar per day. (Jahns, Erin. "How to Stop Drinking Soda, According to Nutritionists". THE/THIRTY).

Science also tells us we should stop drinking soda and the facts are hard to ignore. Here are some notable studies:

We are learning more and more how the foods we eat and what we drink can have such a huge impact on our overall health.

Well...How Do I Stop Drinking Soda then?
1. Find a replacement

Rather than switch to diet, find a swap for the same things that make soda appealing to you. For the bubbles and the sweetness, try our Watermelon, Strawberry Lemon, or Orange prebiotic soda. For the caffeine kick you're looking for try our classics line that uses green tea as a natural form of caffeine. It's full of antioxidants and contains 50 mg of caffeine and comes in Cola, Root Beer, and Doc Pop. It's important to remember that we are upgrading and replacing our old habit.

2. Make a habit

Drink your poppi, or other beverage, at the same time you’d regularly reach for soda—during the afternoon slump, or at the movies, or even that breakfast soda you grab. If you find yourself really struggling to cut out soda take time to journal and meditate along with making it a habit. Take note of how your body is struggling with the change and why you think that might be. Writing it down will help when you reflect at the end of achieving your goal.

3. Reward yourself

Find a way to give yourself a mental high five for doing something hard. Our brains feel awesome when we set a goal and reach it. It will empower you to keep on going as you reward yourself for those small changes starting at day 1. Here are some ideas we love: taking a walk with a friend or pet, treating yourself to a movie, carving out time to read a book, taking a bath, or making your poppi extra special by turning it into a mocktail or cocktail. Our blog has recipes ready for you to try.

4. Take a sip, avoid a slip

After 6+ months of not having any soda take a sip and see what you think. Most likely your tastebuds will have changed. The soda you used to love and crave won't taste as good anymore. Many people have said it tasted way too sweet or that it had a metallic after taste.

5. Take inventory of how far you've come

The reports are in: People who stop drinking soda feel better than they did before. To help sustain this new lifestyle take note of the changes you see and feel in yourself. Write them down so you can come back to them in times of struggle. Write down how you've seen an improvement in your gut health and immunity by replacing your soda with poppi too. You can read more about the benefits of regularly drinking poppi here.

Remember we are just trying to make small improvements every day that help change our lives for the better. This is a change you can make to help you achieve better health starting today.

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