Why you can (and should) drink Prebiotic soda when pregnant

As a soon to be mama, you’re always searching for things that are safe to eat and drink during pregnancy. You want to make sure you’re giving your baby the best possible nutrition and part of that is poppi. That’s right! Poppi is safe to drink while pregnant and a great addition to your daily routine.  Check out some of our favorite benefits of drinking poppi during pregnancy.

Benefits of poppi

Lowers glucose and insulin response

Studies have shown that the addition of apple cider vinegar in a carbohydrate rich meal lowers glucose and insulin responses in healthy individuals. Great to have on your side before your glucose test.

Helps relive the dreaded pregnancy heartburn

Heartburn can be a huge problem during pregnancy and it can be hard to find a remedy that helps and tastes good. Fortunately, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar will offer your relief. Poppi contains the exact dose you need. No weird ingredients or pills.

Prebiotics for gut health

Prebiotics are great for gut health and essential to add when taking probiotics or just to add in general. Prebiotics are the fiber you need to feed the gut flora in your digestive tract.  Having a healthy digestive tract and promoting health is essential during pregnancy. We want that baby and mama to be as healthy as possible.

Great for glowing skin

By feeding your gut microbes with prebiotics it creates an anti-inflammatory compound that are essential for skin health, metabolic health, brain health, and immune health.  Having a healthy gut will give you healthy, glowing skin, which is the perfect boost you need.

Best of all it’s made of ingredients you can trust. It’s vegan, gluten free, and non GMO which makes it a perfect, guilt free pick me up. Once you add poppi to your daily diet you won’t be able to stop. The benefits speak for themselves!


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